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Mastruenos: Los Chicos "In The Age Of Stupidity"

[translated by Google]

The sexiest band of Spain (I speak very in serious) recently presented less than a month its new Lp. The Boys have won throughout 12 years of existence a fame than justified: lovers of the good one for eating and the beer in amounts industrial, responsible for the sweatiest and festive rock and roll of all the state and creators of the best direct national with character underground.
In this case he returns to publish Dirty Water, he produces and masteriza ours admired friend Mike Mariconda and collaborate Hendrik Rover, Javi Fumestonesy Josele Santiago. After its previous disc, the celebrated We sound amazing but we look like shit, concoction fermented with pub-rock, rhythm and blue and punk-rock, the stand for casks was in grace state, although the same not physically, at least as far as sound, composition and execution, that is what it matters to us. Now they have invoiced a new cocktail of high gradation, electrical as as much ethylic. More Thunders already have given good account of their effects and we know that the best thing to pass the undertow is to continue drinking, that is to say, time and time again to puncture In the Age of Stupidity.

For servant, the Boys would be something as well as a pure-blooded version of the Flamin' Groovies (“Sportman's Paradise “), of the Beat de Paul Collins or the Dr. Feelgood, the Replacements drunkest (“On my phase “) or some Pogues without homing by the local folklore (“Fire in our soul “), that is no sign of chotis here. A national pride that excited very same the Beck and who venerates Bo Diddley (“Willie and the handjob “) cannot ignore itself, a true beast of the direct one with great international experience (anthological they are his epic passages by Australia and his visits to England).

For whatever there is in one of his rituals of the live meat this is not no newness, but it is our obligation to notice you to which still you do not know them that one is the best possible election if they cross in front of your noses.

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