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Making Time: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

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Garage-Punk hooligan and without compassion: that what they offer Hollywood to us Sinners in his new one and is waited for LP!  After WE WON'T CHANGE OUR STYLE, of which we spoke in 2008 on the occasion of his visit and concert, the group it returns with DISASTRO GARANTITO to offer twelve new pepinazos to us with guitarrazos, bases at full speed rythmical, humor and bad grape published by the sensational British seal Dirty Water Record.

Do you like first discs of Doctor Explosion? Do you like the garage sixtie? Then these twelve songs have much of that (test to hear the one that opens the disc, I am not Good), sung in Castilian and English, with moments in which the speed increases frenetically (You Have To Ask) and others in which its garage-punk adopts influences more beat (That's Alright and That's All She Wrote) that contribute more variety to the disc.

If at this point still doubts exceed to what they sound Hollywood Sinners, its garage sixties exemplifies in the fantastic I'm Alone with a pegadizo riff and, in less than average minute and! Other moments of excellence: Bones, my favorite of the disc, with a much more slow beginning that the rest, threatening, with guitarrazos to the garage-psych of 13th Floor Elevators before accelerating the rate retaking the Sinners style. In agreement it advances the listening of the disc, we move between subjects nearer the punk of the 77 (Have You Ever Been In Jail) and other that incline more by 60 side ' s of the punk (Roller Coaster), social messages (Paquito Hurricane, or the denunciation of the terrifying stench of certain hippie and the desperate shout of Showers to you) and a hymn of stage to finish, I Wanna Be Your Man, compendium of garagero rock with final surprise recommends listening attempts until the disc stops to turn!
Available in vinyl and CD, by all means, RECOMMENDED BY MAKING IT TRICKS OUT OF!

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