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I-94 Bar: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

This Spanish trio has been spamming me for years with incomprehensible e-mails in their native tongue advertising their latest show. Their label's sent a promo of their latest album so it's time I got my own back by writing about them, instead of consigning their missives to junk mail or running their text through GoogleTranslate and wondering forever about the output.

Even I could work out from the volume of emails that Hollywood Sinners play lots so they must be popular. Turns out I should have given more of a rat's arse and done some serious investigation because the upshot from this disc makes it apparent that Hollywood Sinners are raucously great, trashy rock and roll, very big on the twang factor and snotty as a heavy cold.

This is stuff you'll like or loathe. There will be no in-between. There's a Latin party vibe in songs like "That's Alright" and "You Have to Ask" (reference Los Chicos for more of the same) that reminds the rest of us that there is a country that still gives a shit about rock and roll. Give "Huracan Paquito" a spin. No time for a siesta here. The Hollywood Sinners sound like they're in a hurry to go and have a good time.

Like the Sonics on a cocktail of crappy sangria and cheaper speed these 12 songs race past with clattering, propulsive drums, breakneck licks and drawled vocals. A handful are in Spanish (surely the new language of rock and roll) and that's not unusual with bands from those parts. it's hard not to be transported into some dark Barcelona cafe at 4am when you hear the vibrato-laden "Huesos" or the poppy "Roller Coaster." The chorus-jumping-into-a-scream in "Modernix" might be an old device but it's still effective in the correct hands. It's a no-brainer that Hollywood Sinners would be a huge night out live.

If only their e-mails had included an e-ticket for a flight to Espanol I'd be as happy as a bull in shit, or something similar. These Sinners are alright by me.

The Barman

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