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Distorsioni: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

New release scheduled for April 11 for this ensemble reduced to a trio from the garage punk scene flourishing Spanish, surely one of the most interesting not only at European level. He had already noticed laDirty Water Records that after two years also publishes the work of that other Hollywood Sinners, and from the title is a guarantee. Traditionally associated with the punk-rock '70s, but more oriented sounds like sixties garage, to get an idea: Dead Boys played by the Sonics? Dictators played by ... Seeds?

The 12 tracks on the disc come down as golate of sangria, fast, and stunning, alternating between lyrics in Spanish and English. Among those who at least at first glance I was impressed maggiormenteSoy no bueno electrical and perky which introduces the spirit of the group, or the most irreverent You have to ask, Have you ever been in jail swinging and sent, That's alright, that, at least in the chorus Anyway you want it reminds of the Dave Clark Five without fearing accusations of plagiarism because it is quite clear that we are here to have fun, and with them the freak party is guaranteed, pardon the mess. Obviously recommended the vinyl edition or even better, if you happen, the size of "live" that is definitely their death. In addition to yours. 

Federico Porta

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