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Blues and Soul: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

International Deejay Yvan Serrano AKA Healer Selecta presents his new band here the Dustaphonics and takes us to another world of sleazy 50's jazz mixed with sublime surf guitar and sensual soulful singing from Kay Elisabeth.

The whole project started with The Raison D'Etre Collective being introduced to cult ActressTura Satana the outrageous heroine in the film 'Faster Pussycat!Kill! Kill! A Russ Meyer Classic made in 1965.It's a fantastic hotchpotch outlining their musical influences which happens to be Delta Blues,Memphis Soul,'60's Garage-Beat Instrumental surf and funk with the spirit of 70's punk rock! Yvan's playing throughout this reverb drenched debut is first rate he could quite easily become the new Noakie Edwards,his twang is up there with the best of them.

Lovingly produced throwing in healthy doses of vintage type Jazz noir film track music and other exotica to create retro feel good classics for the now generation!"Dearest Darling" has that 'Tequila' type feel by The Champs and Elisabeth pours out an impassioned plea to her lover to join her in heaven( unless he's gone the other way!) "Party Girl" keeps the energy high too watch out Imelda May this girl's going to give you a ride for your money! "Catwoman's Strut" is one helluva smokey tune a sleazy, burlesque belter lead by Yvan's post neo, surf drag, hot rod guitar! A fun record by one of Europe's best loved maverick a twangy homage from a man whose ear is firmly cocked back to the surf hall of fame ,where ever that is!

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