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New Untouchables: The Dustaphonics "Big Smoke London Town"

From the first track, all I could think of was ‘hold on to your hats’!
Dustaphonics are about as incendiary as you can get when it comes to rockin’, rollin’ hard nosed blues. Hayley Red is that ‘perfect storm’ of '50s siren styling, inflecting the odd squeal for effect in her vocal performance and oozing sultry sex appeal. Dynamite stuff when applied to the driving, in-yer-face Dustaphonics sound.
Believe me, this is a whirlwind and a thoroughly enjoyable blast through all of the eleven songs.
Opening with ‘The Message’, followed by the sister track ‘When You Gonna Learn’, you barely have time to catch breath before the title track grabs you by the scruff and you’re off again.
The band only change gear when we get to track 9 and what a gorgeous slice of twangy, low-down dirty blues its is. ‘Fire Dance’ also happens to be a great instrumental.
This album may only be their second full length outing, but Dustaphonics have dispelled that myth that second LPs can be difficult. Not on this evidence.
The rest of the field should beware !


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