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Blow Up: The Dustaphonics "Big Smoke London Town"

Dustaphonics:  Vintage for the ones with fine taste

They’re one of the hottest live bands in London, they’re the Dustaphonics. Not only can they count on the voice and stage presence of Hayley Red, vocalist with an overflowing sex appeal, but also on a musical drive that crosses over the best of music in the past sixty years: from rock’n’roll and R&B of the fifties to the Garage of the sixties, from soul to surf. All mixed with style: vintage music for the ones with fine taste. After all the Frenchman Yvan Serrano, guitarist, producer and founder of the project, is one of the most valued European DJ’s with his ‘Nom the plume’ of Healer Selecta. To complete the line up we can find Eric Frajiria on drums and Dan Whaley on bass guitar.

Legend has it that the Hackney based band started in 2008 thanks to the legendary actress Tura Satana, mean protagonist of Russ Meyer’s cult movie “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” Yvan confirms:” At the time I was recording an album of funk/soul/reggae as Healer Selecta with the musicians of the Raison D’Etre collective for the famous English label Freestyle records. It was then that my friend Tura Satana called me and asked me to write the soundtrack of her next movie, therefore I decided to involve the brass section, the keyboard player and the singer I was working with for this new project. Me and Tura also ended up writing a track together called “Burlesque Queeen”. The tracks were too rock’n’roll for Freestyle Records so I decided to use the title of the album I was recording with them (Dust-A-Phonic) as the name of this new project. We published a promo CD and requests for playing live started flooding in. The Dustaphonics were born!”

Since then a lot of things happened in the universe of this formation that has changed various line-up. On the first album “Party Girl” (King A Ling, 2011) the vocals are from black singer Kay Elizabeth, whilst on the brand new “Big Smoke London Town” they’re delivered by Hayley Red that since a couple of years has taken the front woman role. All these changes of line-up has never influenced the style and attitude of the London based band: passion and energy still remain essential components of this formula. This is proven by the tracks on the new album but mostly by their irresistible live act.

“Before Hayley we changed two singers and three different line ups. Now the official band’s image is me and her as we have the same energy, we work hard and she is the person I’ve been looking for this project for years. And the Dustaphonics are the perfect band for her!”
London remains an endless supply of inspiration for the quartet, as you can gather from the title of the new LP “Big Smoke London Town”, just released on Dirty Water Records.

“What we love the most about London is its rhythm, every city has theirs and London’s one is our beat. Even though sometimes, as every big city, it has some negative aspects, London is for me like a femme fatale, or like a drug you depend from. You’re under her charm!”
Future projects from the Dustaphonics include a new album (“Me and Hayley have already written 60% of it”), a tour supporting the Sonics next year and endless live dates. And also a wish:” Going back on tour in Italy in 2015”.

Roberto Calabrò

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