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Making Time: The Revellions "Give It Time"

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The Revellions, on the other hand, sends their second LP in this month of March titled GIVE IT TIME (ref DWC1067) after the delay of five years after their first album and several modifications of formation. In these songs they lay the foundations his sound of beginner psychedelic rock bathed in garage (In vino veritas, instruments The Waltz) and with great weight of the keyboards (Bitter & Twisted), soul rock enriched with winds and groove (Don't Wait For Me), R&B poisoned much enSomewhere In Between, naked and Johnnycashiano rock by American root in Strung Out electrical and apocalyptic Bad and in Drip, psychedelic dark and hypnotic with something of high Energy rock à the Detroit (Give It Time) and a magnificent Sighs, totally indebted of the best moments of the Love de Arthur Lee.

A surprising disc of a band with a multitude of records, able to show themselves to the darkness of the soul with the sound track and soon to submerge in a shining and powerful rock but always something disquieting, perhaps by that hard and border sound, that inclusion of trumpet players, those severe voices. And, mainly, that Sighs that seems extracted of FOUR SAIL or OUT HERE of Love. A song wonder!

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