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Rock and Roll Army: MFC Chicken "Music For Chicken"

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If there is a genre that is difficult no longer be original, but just cool, that's the Rock and Roll raised in the manner of the golden 50's: The impasse of rockabilly and riffs and structures a thousand times sobados have forced separate the wheat from the chaff, ie empty style exercise groups, while not known for their originality, they do by his charm and expertise. 

Names like Nick Curran, Jim Jones Revue and these MFC Chicken thicken undoubtedly the second category. The new commitment of Dirty Water, like the others mentioned, does not reduce its scope to the Rock and Roll primigeneo however much fooled by appearances and combines the influence of Little Richard Bunker Hill and the legacy of The Sonics and yankees frat-rock groups that heralded punk and garage. That's nothing. 

Throughout the fourteen cuts of rock and roll amphetamine that make this device, we find a group that logically make us say "Where have I heard this?" But what with their craft and freshness we have dancing on the track before we have responded to this question. 

Pildorazos R'n'R Negroid (that what most) shards of rhythm and blues, instro-rock bursts and occasional (at the same time grateful) sugar dose of retro. All this and much more we offer these types in this more enjoyable debut. Do The Chicken!

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