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Rock and Roll Army: Magic Christian "Evolver!

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It seems incredible that in the 2009 emergence of new bands still willing to tax the sound that gave us the british invasion The Beatles in general and in particular. Of course, no one takes deception to read this "new" Magic Christian is the ultimate adventure of Cyril Jordan, guitarist Flamin 'Groovies (cult band, revivalist pro and precursors of Power Pop, that's nothing) . But Jordan is not alone in this adventure, Eddie Muñoz seconded him -The Plimsouls- battery and it was Blondie-and occasional Ramone- Clem Burke. Complete training which surely is the least known member of the band, vocalist Paul Kopf, producer and occasional musician scene Frisco. 

The album is full of pop-rock sound Beateliano cut, cuts as the initial "In Your Arms" or "Run and Hide" are good examples of what I mean. There is also room for dalliances with certain psychedelic Folk dyes "Sha La La". Towards the final stretch of parked round the sound a bit and Liverpool are close at times to the sixties Stones: "Turn Up the Heat" with xylophones those that bring us to the "Under My Thumb" memory Jagger / Richards and "Tomorrow Never Comes" with their start to the "Paint it Black" and a certain air more "recent" bands like The Chesterfield Kings. In short, a treaty supported by 60's music a couple of flashy covers: "Out in the Streets" by The Who and "Anytime at All", of course, The Beatles. 

It is held that there bands like Magic Christian, ready to dive, rescue and return to give effect to a decade of great music, of course, another thing a guy could be expected as Cyril Jordan, which has relied almost everything has been done in the legacy of the fab-four. By the way, one last Beatle Connection: The Magic Christian is the title of a comedy starring Ringo Starr.

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