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Rock and Roll Army interview with The Dustaphonics

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"Bo Diddley is the official sponsor of The Dustaphonics." 

The Dustaphonics come from London and within days will be visiting Spain for her new album, "Big Smoke London Town". Not only that, but also the new abum will be presenting its new lineup with vocalist Hayley Red in front, a young woman who tells us in this interview Yvan Serrano, the brain behind this project, you will be surprised. We spoke with the leader of this training in your shaker mix ingredients straight from the R'n'R, R & B, and High Energy Punk or Soul and what follows is the result. 

- Before you begin, could you introduce the band to our readers? 

- Hi all, I guess if you are reading this because you like good music! We hope to satisfy your musical appetite. The Dustaphonics us from London. The "band" started in 2008 as a studio project when actress Tura Satana Series B ("Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!") Pidiió me to create the music of his next film. I was in the studio with one of my projects (Healer Selecta Freestyle Records), a project of funk soul afro jazz, so after I recorded a few songs from Rock N Roll to Tura, which was all the time in study A plus some friends who asked to join as Bruce Brand or Johnny Gibbs. It's why we've had different formations since. 

- You have a new album coming out in a few days, "Big Smoke London Town", what, can you tell us of the recording? Are you happy with the end result? 

- Yes, June 15 is the official release date in the UK, will be making a presentation at the legendary Camden Jazz Café (London) on 30 May, after Madrid on June 11 in the place of worship and Gruta 77 Brussels on 19 June, in BDM. Since the late 80s I worked in a lot of different studies, different musicians (artists of Garage Punk, Surf, Soul, Afro, Reggae) and people like Liam Watson of Toe Rag Studio in London, Mark Neill, ... I worked with Garage a few bands Low Fi, the Sidekicks created in London (Munster Records), a band of Surf (Showman & The Thunderous Staccatos), Soul and Funk to Freestyle Records AKA Healer Selecta ... and believe me, it is rare to be satisfied a hundred percent record. It is impossible but with "Big SMoke London Town"'m satisfied to 99%. It was a good team to work with, highly educated (Hayley Red on vocals, Bruce Brand on drums, Eric Frajiria battery Whaely Dan on bass and myself on guitar). The artwork of the London artist Crystal La Mia is also fantastic, and comes at the Dirty Water label, very good. Yes, we are all very pleased with the end result, has moved for the first time the true sound and spirit of The Dustaphonics on the album (promo video for "London Big Smoke"). 

- Is there any difference between the new songs and those that made the first album? 

- The first thing we edit really was "Burlesque Queen" on 7 "vinyl and CD (a rarity now), seven items on CD with horn section Was lyrics for the new film Tura Satana, who unfortunately died before. it was edited. then we get "Party Girl" Dirty Water and "King A Ling" on vinyl (a rarity as well). 

Yes, I think it's different now. The old songs were based on making an album for the soundtrack of a movie, but "Big Smoke" (nickname for London as "The Big Apple" for New York), was written as a disk group and with different training . I have finally found the perfect training: Eric Frajiria and Bruce Brand on drums, Dan Whaley on bass and the fantastic solo 23 Hayley Red, who really loves and knows the music we make and that had influence in the project, will make some incredible performances hundred percent! 

- I read that your music is a mix of high-energy rock n'roll, the bailongo soul, rhythm & blues and wild surf but ... how do you describe your music? 

- All the music we like to think that it was a mixture (soul, blues, garage 60, jazz rockabilly, surf, punk, rock n roll, funk, ...). You know, the first Beatles, The Sonics and The Rolling Stones were creating their own version of the black rhythm & blues; The Ramones created their personal vision of the soul and 60s pop and Motown sound Ramones created and then rolled a huge stone in the foundation of punk rock like the Stooges or MC5 had done before them; The Cramps created their personal vision of Sun rockabilly and rockabilly artists dark; I do not know, maybe The Dustaphonics are creating a personal view of all these different influences. It is best to do what you love to do, the way you like to sound like you like playing and enjoy sharing the stage and music with people that you do and the public who want to share a simple moment with simple and good music. Of course the energy is very important in Dustaphonics and music in general, [but] there is a big difference between speed and aggression, between and give rhythm to rock. Well, call it ¿"feelgood rockinsoul"? I dunno ... 

- So what are your biggest influences? 

- The list is endless but all the best 60s soul, jazz of the 50s and 60s, rock n roll 50s, rhythm & blues of the 50s and 60s, 50 blues, rock n roll 60s, 70s and early 80s, punk 77, the British R & B 60s, garage punk 60s, country music 40 and 50, funk and latin boogaloo 60, rocksteady of 60, ska, reggae 70s, 90s garage, 80s psychobilly and name some names is clear that Bo Diddley, Dick Dale, Link Wray, Sonics, Louis Jordan, Ramones, Mickey Baker , Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, Ray Baretto, Johnny Burnett Trio, MC5, James Brown, Stooges, early Damned, Dead Kennedys, The Saints and many others. 

- You have played with the likes of James Hunter, Wanda Jackson, Sam Gopal, Kid Congo, Jim Jones Revue, Sanseverino, Gallon Drunk ... to name a few. Can you tell us which of them play was like a dream come true? 

- I would not say a dream, but we are very happy every time you ask us to open for great bands and artists we love. I was the agent Wanda Jackson in the UK and was the official DJ of concert in London Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Wanda Jackson, Ike Turner, Eartha Kitt, ... was also a great honor for me concoer some of the people I has influenced as Bo Diddley (who participated in our album "Party Girl" by the way). Bo Diddley is the official sponsor of The Dustaphonics. 

- And if you could only choose one artist that play (whether alive or dead) what could it be? 

- That is a difficult question, would too! But I will say that Otis Redding, Frank Sinatra, James Brown and what Celia Cruz? There are talks between the management in USa and UK to tour Dustaphonics with The Sonics in 2015, though it would be a dream come true, fingers crossed. 

- You're going to turn back to Spain in June, what will be the formation of the band live?

- It will be the fourth time in Spain for Dustaphonics and always fun. Spain is a great country with good people who love the music, and good food and wine, so it is heaven for us (laughs). It took me years to get the right singer for The Dustaphonics so since last year we have the fantastic Hayley Red on vocals, Eric Frajira on drums, Dan Whaley on bass if you can get vacation at work and myself on guitar. So yes, I'm very happy to take Spain for the first time and trust me it will not be the last this girl is dynamite! 

- For people who has not seen them live before and is thinking about going to your show ... what would you say to convince them? 

- Do I really need to convince? Some may prefer to take a look at some video. Hayley Red is going to be a famous star in England in a few years, maybe you should come earlier and be after being told their friends, "Dude, I was there in his first concerts in Spain with Dustaphonics". 

For people who have seen before Dustaphonics trained singer and different, this is the best. If you like rock n roll cane, punk rhythm and soul that rocks and have never heard Dustaphonics, maybe the time is right to meet and have fun and dance together; or maybe you prefer to stay at home watching "The Voice" (laughs). 

- Perfect, last question: Do you want to add something to our readers? 

- Visit if you fancy http://www.healerselecta.co.uk/ 

It's always a pleasure to be in Spain, this time with new training and a great new Spanish agent, a big applause for Pepe Soundealer!We look forward eagerly to see our friends and make new ones, of course! And you guys and your readers, applause for "basement" of Radio 3, all in Munster / Vampisoul Records, to Route 66 and Knock Knock. And to all the promoters present and past who have scheduled Dustaphonics and all the people who came to see us sometime! 

- Thank you. 

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