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La Grosse Radio: The Dustaphonics "Big Smoke London Town"

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After the success of Girl Party, two years, Yvan Serrano, London from the French DJ, famous Healer Selecta, with its combo 1960s, surfing punk rock. Flanked a new singer, sulphurous Hayley Red, it provides to their new effort Big Smoke London City.

First song "The Message" is clear. This was the title of the track which opens the album. A rock "N" roll pure juice. Distorted guitars, fuzz, with a lo-fi. A metronomic battery is the basis and the star is given to heart.

"Big Smoke London Town", which gives its title to the album, proves that the rapporteur was rocked with the compils garage 1960s. It could be perfectly integrated in these wonders that are collections From Serious or other Peebles. Hayley leaves the guts at the end of the track. It is successful. "Back To Mono" places in the register pop garage way girls group (sorry for the three guys behind) but we would believe find tips as Smouldering for example. Small aside for Serious desBack From The three new opuses shall be reported for very soon...

But let us return to our Dustaphonics. Their "Mojo Yar Bones" would awaken deaths with great of squirted fuzz. A title pop garage in power. Hayley seems had and live the song. "She obtained her mojo working and just works fine one me" parody mythical title of the 1960s.

Radius individual hookers that of splintering the dance, "do Not Let The Devil Your Drive Because" or "Rockin Boogaloo" have a phenomenal potato. In the spirit of the compils Jungle Exotica ouLas Vegas Grind. Effective rock "N" roll, with the basic but heady fronts is it is played. Still!

Other securities as "Ride On Louisiana Red" take us on the banks of the soul. Hayley Red growls like a tiger-cat and its voice is the song to the summits soul 1960s. "When You Gonna Learn" one remains in these sounds drunker. Hayley Red makes us think about rich the LISA Kekaula desBellrays and Lisa and the Lips. A song file potato inexorably. Yvan releases to give us a solo worthy of the great rocks of the 1950s.

To complete the review of this important Smoke London City, there is some uncategorized like "Grand Prix" with his introduction engines at funds to the invigorating reeks surfing intru. We think like Man gold Astroman then the continuation of the track leaves room for Ghost. In short, an instrumental surfing very high-flying.

"Dance Fire" starts as a hypnotic loop. The song unrolls a crampesque environment surfing twangy. Yvan Serrano makes a front restorative surfing and one is embark on this trip smooth.

A small acoustic ballade "Flesh And Blood" ghost track fence this new opus of Dustaphonics. Hayley shows a new aspect of his talent. It must be acknowledged that Yvan Serrano, heart of the Dustaphonics can be surrounded by the right people to live its group. After Elisabeth Kay on the previous album Girl Party, this faith above Hayley Red gives life has compositions sharp and album Big Smoke London City a draft as a trip through the various facets of the 1960's.

A nice Dustaphonics effort and although it is easy to be focused on voice performance (it plastic of making the task easier), we must not however forget important guru Yvan Serrano and rhythm section which provide impeccable alchemy together. To see live absolutely, it takes meaningless!

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