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Distorsioni: Thee Vicars "Every Day" b/w "Don't Wanna Be Free"

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The Dirty Water Records is always a guarantee for lovers of garage rock. The English label dismisses three new individual of the same band voted to the god of fuzz. It begins with Thee Vicars, who shoot their brand of garage rock vaguely Black Lips, at least as far as the A-side of the disk, Every Day, although some eschew the lo-fi more stringent in favor of a much more sound sixties (with a long intro Music Machine), less contaminated by contemporary sounds, a nice fuzz that sometimes explodes dramatically and a guitar solo that winks 'eye psychedelia more acidic. The B-side, and highlight the goals, Don't Wanna Be Free, built on a riff very reminiscent of the Kinks (the "don't-wanna-be-free" which overlaps well with the accents dell'anthem "you-really-got-me! "), definitely a lot of fun. They will not have invented anything the Vicars (but why would they? There is perhaps the single garage rock, hilarious variation on the same theme?), But are left to listen very willingly. 

Luca Verrelli

Dirty Water Records London