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Dos Formas De Arte: The Dustaphonics "Big Smoke London Town"

[translated by Google]

We have of return to sensational THE DUSTAPHONICS. After that one good debut of the 2011. With this second called work “Big smoke London town” (2014). They in my opinion surpass in many aspects his previous work.

First to emphasize that the band has been remodeled almost to the complete one. Now next to his they fundadorYvan Serrano-Fontova. We have all the new components. Including the voice. That it falls to the people of Hayley Networking. Which does wonderful an equal work of which its predecessor. The band is very solid. With a handful of excellent songs. Where they are but centered compositivamentes. Without so many stylistic modifications as in its previous disc. It contributes to the benefit of this work. Where the garage sounds of the 60. They occur the hand next to melodies MGP of the 50. Subjects as in “Mojo your bones”, “The message”, “Back to Mono”. The version of the subject “When you gonna learn”, or the one that gives title to the disc. A fresh work, loaded of enthusiasm. And that shows the good way to us that follows the group.

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