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Soulseller: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

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A soundtrack is a film that must be absolutely still. The script inform 14 songs is already. Producer and Fädenzieher with that, before foaming on energy, phonograms are the British producers, soul, radio, reggae and Rock'n'Roll Multitalent Healer Selecta. Also on his latest genius stroke that demonstrates once from John Peel discovered, DJ a little hand for music before lives walk only. Kay Elizabeth's voice to the whole does not affect - quite the contrary. One could hardly have found a better vote for this song.

14 Songs on a strong mixture of soul, Rock'n'Roll, instrumental surf numbers, garage Beats and Rhythum & blues. The original compositions like the breathtaking Jinx that each Bell Ray fan radiant will do magic in the face and the rockige You Going To Learn. But also very successful cover versions about Bo Diddley, Howlin wolf, The Sonic and Louisiana talk on the album to find. The name donor party Girl appears as a charming application for dancing, one can not reduce. Hit!

This TRACK list knows no weaknesses, with each songs on a new by inventiveness, great implementation and a hell of a lot of energy. The Dustaphonics should be spread to come and see good mood. A debut that they would offend if it means it successfully! This is great. Absolute recommendation!

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