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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

Some bands just know how to do more interesting things than others. The Dustaphonics is a band that knows how to grab your attention even before you hear anything on the album Party Girl (Dirty Water Records, 2011). I don't know about you, but album covers like that are enough to get me to check out the band's music. Then you hear the music and you experience a melange of surf, R&B, soul, and garage. Yes, really.

Take the first two songs for example. "Eat My Dustaphonics" is a classic hot rod song done in a surf style and "Burlesque Queen" is a slow, soulful song (with vocals similar to Detroit Cobras) that would be the perfect accompaniment to a burlesque dancer's routine.

The Dustaphonics also take you through some familiar territory with "Party Girl." It's familiar not only because of the 60s pop backing vocals, but also because I think everyone knows someone like the subject of this song. You're not sure how she got into her dress, time is immaterial when she's dancing and having a good time, etc. Does that sound like someone you know? I thought so.

This is truly one of the most intersting bands I have encountered in a long time, mostly because it doesn't sound like any other band. At least it doesn't sound like any recent band. Let me ask you this much. Do you know any other bands with a song about Tura Satana? I don't. Do you know any other bands that combine Vegas lounge with R&B like this band does with "Dearest Darling"? I imagine that's pretty slim pickings too. If you like uptempo soul, or if you just want something different for your collection, do yourself a favor and buy Party Girl.

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