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Rock Around The Blog: The Wildebeests "The Gnus Of Gnavarone"

The music of this trio composed by John Gibbs (The Kaisers, Holly Golightly, The Masonics), Lenny Helsing (Thanes, Green Telescope) and Russ Wilkins (Pop Rivets, Milkshakes and Delmonas) is truly becoming special, record to record, “The Gnus of Gnavarone” is the last album, recorded in the Circo Perotti studios, is the first released by Dirty Water, that after the 7″ “One Minute’s Time”, which served as a launching pad for this, that deserves one, two,… many aware hearings, those needed to reach the state of “gnuration” where you discover a band in a musically perfect time, and with an extraordinary talent, coming from the experience of these three musicians.

This album is a huge concentrate of “garage-beat” energy, up to extraordinary song that is “Why Don’t You Come Home”, which revert us to a state more psychedelic, something improper in the music of Wildebeests, that after we have heard so far, so many exceptional songs “Nothing’s Gonna Change Me”, the instrumental “Pulpo!” and the cover of The Ramones “I Remember You”, to the end the formula continues to bubble and to surprise us with “That Man”, “Save My Soul”, ” Cous Cous”(another instrumental) and “You Can Get Together Again”, all powerful in”garage-beat”. “The Gnus of Gnavarone” is a objective and complete record, containing great songs and with a rare consistency, Is really good!…


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