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Deep Music: Thee Vicars "Psychotic Beat"

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Thee Vicars is in line with good Revival Garage rock groups by pure scenic style , dress and British musical worthy of the sixties.

Bursting with excitement , as always , the four English from Bury St Edmonds in full swing we Pear their last LP dated Psychotic Beat signed under the grandiose label Dirty Water Records . The name of the album Psychotic Beat exactly applies here: a pace that loses touch with reality. The chords on the majority of songs are simple, effective and furiously restless .

In many recent musical formations garage rock , we are entitled to a rain crados , powerful and with great presence of guitar solos , while with Thee Vicars all instruments are the same foot sound footing. The guitar is not highlighted at the expense of voice and bass , creating a certain musical restraint ( contrasting with their constant energy and inflamed ), a certain simplicity , a recount and a "light" music other groups from the same musical genre much more aggressive in their instrument setups . The group does not really stop to garage rock , it attacks the rhythm & blues , blues and punk sometimes , as well as directly inspired by the music of the 60 's, Thee Vicars was able to modernize its retro work, his sound .

Unfortunately, something is missing from this vinyl . It lacks the savagery and the amplitude saturated sound that characterized the greatest punk garage. Indeed, Thee Vicars vinyl is probably too "clean" and somewhat already heard, slight lack of originality. This may seem like a detail, but the end result makes the album somewhat boring. However , I have heard only good things , and well , about their live performances . They have already been worth their Part Trabendo the famous band The Standells in 2010 In addition, the evolution of sound and compositions of Thee Vicars of their first album to their second Psychotic Beat ( won musical maturity ) perhaps suggests another change sounds and an evolution of the compounds for the next album (if one takes place next album , but I have no doubt)!


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