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Uber Rock: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds Of ..."

Garage rock, R&B anyone? Fronted by Hipbone Slim this is indeed a mixture of rough-arsed hipster rock and roll with some super snazzy organ runs and frantic backbeats, containing twelve songs of retro tastic franticness.

'Houdini' kicks things off in 'Freakbeat' fashion: the drums crash, the bass pounds and the guitar strings bend whilst the band are having a real ball like the '60s had never ended. You also get Kinks choruses mixed with some Moon the Loon cymbal smashing and it's infectious.

Oh yeah baby, this shit gets groovy on 'It's A Jungle Out There', whilst 'Movers And Shakers' does exactly what it says on the tin. 'Batgirl, I Love You' sounds familiar, like you've heard it before somewhere, but you can't help but like what these dudes are doing.

'Give In To Temptation' is just dirty from the fuzzed-out bass and guitar. You can skip past the instrumental and take it straight to the 'You Really Got Me' that is 'Out Of Reach' - well, the spirit is in there if nothing else.

Before these cats cut and run back to 1965 'Out Of Here' throws a great house party before 'Habenero' brings that house down and reduces it to rubble. I bet these guys would be an absolute blast live as they sure as shit know how to knock out the retro beats and capture it on disc to perfection. Dirty Water Records sure do know their stuff.

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