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Uber Rock: Thee Exciters "Perpetual Happening"

Heading back to the old school are Thee Exciters, part of Dirty Water's roster from the new school and 'Dinosaur Traffic' has a right amp full of late '60s garage going on. From the vintage tones to the vocal effect it's a decent riff and a decent tune to be fair but it's neither a slow grinder nor of a fast tempo if that makes any sense?

The theme is carried on into 'Paint Me' with its moody pace at the beginning and more reverb dripping vocals; the merest hint of farfisa going on and, again, a pretty nifty tune. Without knowing anything about Thee Exciters it doesn't take long to get a good feel for where these guys are coming from with some nice slide on the trippy 'Stuck In A Triangle' and the Kinks styling on 'Killing You' - just imagine Ray and Dave if they were fronted by Lux Interior and you'd almost be there....I did say almost.

'Devils Make Up' is a guitar run you swear you've heard before and you probably have but I do like the guitar tremolos, they work really well. In fact, you could say you've heard a lot of these riffs before. 'Hang Loose' is another recycled from yesteryear even if it doesn't do any harm to the overall sound and album, but it is a bit of a slog ploughing through this in one sitting.

With glimpses here and there of very good music and songs, maybe not quite enough, if one of these popped up on shuffle you'd shake yer pants and get all groovy whilst it was playing and I bet they'd be decent to catch in some dingy bar late at night. The best however is saved 'til last and 'Flower Punk Girl' is where it's at; all Roxy club and pogo, very nice way to end any album.

Check it out - it's not original nor is it up there with the best but it's a good effort and gets more enjoyable as the album plays on. Now where's me tambourine?

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