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Uber Rock: The Wildebeests "Gnuggets"

Lo-fi be fucked, this double album from The Wildebeests has more hiss than a pit of vipers and, in fairness, more than enough venom within these tracks to give one a nasty nip, with some choice covers and originals to satisfy fans young and old. It's like a cool rock 'n' roll karaoke but with a singer (if you know what I mean) but sadly that's only the half of it. Half being the key word.
Featuring members of some bands I've never heard of but boasting a huge back catalogue with their accumulative bands like The Masonics, The Kaisers, The Pop Rivets, Milkshakes and Delmonas, this is billed as something of a supergroup.
From '94 til 2006 they have managed to amass the 33 tracks that are on offer here. Some quality covers caught my attention at first : 'No Lip', 'I Feel Alright', 'Public Image', 'I Wanna Be Loved' and 'Garageland' liven up the first discc and, with the other tracks thrown into the mix, it's quite a scattergun and eclectic mix - sometimes it works and others it just doesn't.
As for disc two, with the first two tracks being instrumental and track three, 'Comanche', only having the word "Comanche" in it, I found myself scratching my head as to why. This stuff is as rough as a badger's 'arris and 'Woodbine' is beginning to stretch even my garage love to breaking point. 'You Lie' has that Farfisa organ on it and again a decent enough stab at the track but it's been done better elsewhere. 'Mongoloid' gets a pretty decent garage workout and gets me back on track. The quality is little more than demo standard - even for garage rock it's a bit ropey. Like Carnaby Street which has long stopped swinging its pants to some crazy beats, maybe The Wildbeests should have followed suit. It's not that there is anything particularly wrong with a lot of the music on offer here, it just strikes me as a little pointless and 33 tracks is wayyyyyy too long dudes with the final track hitting the nail on the head.  'Pointless' indeed.


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