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Uber Rock: The Hentchmen "The Hentchmen"

Detroit Rock City has given the music world some of the finest bands ever and has gotten itself a name for producing gritty, dirty garage rock from as far back as the 60's, so when a disc lands on my mat in 2010 and mentions the words 'garage' and 'Detroit' there's only one thing I can do and that's whip it out and start playing it - oh and put on the stereo of course and twist the dial up a few notches, sit back and listen.
 From the opening few bars this record is dripping in dirt with its scuzzed up riff borrowed off Jimmy Page and dragged down some sewer and then eaten to the bone - 'Messed Up My Brain' even has that funky Farfisa organ licking a few chords here and there, delicious start.  Then we're off on some 70's influenced bubblegum pop with the required amount of dirt in the tracks to make it really work: reminds me a bit of Sweet on the melody side, if you know what I mean.
  This shit is seriously groovy with the organ adding authenticity, joining a host of great bands like The Dirtbombs, The Chesterfield Kings and The Fuzztones - none happen to be a million miles away from this sound. At times it gets a little weird but don't let that put you off because there are some great songs in here folks, oh and Jack White used to be a Hentchman by all accounts.....not that that should spoil it for you. 
 I likey dudes, now where is that garage party again? Because if these boys are playing then it'll be the real deal and I'm in! Cool band, cool music and all on a cool label, sweet.


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