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SoundsXP: Lyres "How Do You Know" c/w "Don't Give It Up Now"

North London's Dirty Water Club time travels to 1979 for its third single release, a reissue of Lyres' debut single. For those who don't know, the Lyres are a great Boston band and real Children of Nuggets, whose sound is driven by Jeff Conolly's frantic keyboards. "How Do You Know?" takes a bitter swipe at the tastemakers (his former band DMZ had just gone tits-up after being screwed around by some major label): "people tell me I'm going places/ I feel like singin'/ how do you know?". But the highlight of the single is the incredible AA-side Don't Give It Up Now with its tough, grungy garage rock riffs with echoes of The Seeds and Kenny & The Kasuals. You say retro - I say timeless.

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