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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: The Routes "Alligator"

As a music fan, sometimes you get excited about new releases from specific bands. Other times, it's a little broader and you get excited whenever you hear about a new release from a certain record label. I was definitely excited to receive this new release from Dirty Water Records and from the beginning, I wasn't disappointed.
The Routes is a Japanese band that plays some lowdown and greasy 60s garage rock that gives you everything the musical style should deliver. Namely this band gives you fuzzy guitars, raspy vocals, psychedelic sounds ("Now I Don't Know You," "Brick Wall"), and driving rhythms. It is a raw sound produced with furious energy. Just listen to "Sinchan's Number" and try to sit still. Trust me. It takes a lot more effort to sit still than to move around when you hear this song. And that doesn't even have any vocals. "Brick Wall" is another instrumental that is just an all-out display of energy, punctuated with a well-placed scream at the end of the song.
Of course there are good songs with lyrics on this album too. If the garage-rockabilly hybrid "Be My Jane" doesn't get you moving somehow, then music probably isn't your thing. 

If you have ever listened to any podcasts on the Garage Punk network, you know that The Routes is the kind of band that can be a staple across the whole Garage Punk network. And rightly so. If the 60s garage sound is what you're looking for, you won't find a lot of bands better than The Routes.

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