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The Guardian: Thee Vicars "Psychotic Beat"

If the dozen three-minute surges of short, sharp guitar-bass-drums-vox on Psychotic Beat, sounds as though it was produced on vintage equipment, that’s surely the point: to make Thee Vicars seem like a mainline back to the source, to bands like the Seeds, the Sonics and the Standells. It was the latter California garage outfit whose 1965 classic of 12-bar blues-rock, Dirty Water, gave Thee Vicars their label name. It’s also the name of the north London club, round the corner from the Dome in Tufnell Park, where bands of this ilk are wont to tout their wares on a Friday night. Frankly, we’re outraged that Thee Vicars – who have been going for two years but are still only 17-19 years old – are allowed out on a Friday night, or indeed any other night. All but one of the band are in full-time education and they had to get their parents’ permission to go on tour, bless ‘em. Not that they’re mummy’s boys – they describe themselves as ‘annoying bastards’ whose avowed intention it is to ‘kick kung-fu-style all the shit bands into orbit’. Others are equally impressed, one magazine hailing them as ‘heirs to the Horrors’, another comparing them to ‘the Jam circa 1978, only better looking’.

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