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Terrell's Tuneup: Hollywood Sinners "We Won't Change Our Style"

Good old American garage rock is alive and well in Spain. These sinners, who come not from Hollywood but Toledo (holy Toledo!) prove it. It’s a guitar-bass-drums trio that sounds like it wants to conquer the world.

Nothin’ fancy here. You can hear traces of “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone” in the opening track “Wild Man” and on the last song “Tame Me” — and come to think of it, the same chord pattern is used on “Adictos al Ye-Ye” — but somehow the musicians still make it sound fresh.

They pay tribute to another Spanish band — Wau y los Arrrghs!!! — on a hopped-up cruncher called “Quiero Ser Como Wau y los Arrrghs!!!”

This album is one of the newest products from Dirty Water Records, a nifty little British label associated with a nightclub by the same name. It’s the home of Los Peyotes (an Argentine garage group) Thee Exciters, The Priscillas, and other groups.

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