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Penny Black Music: King Salami and the Cumberland Three "Fourteen Blazin' Bangers"

King Salami fronts this London four piece which mix proper rhythm and blues with rockabilly and more than a hint of punk.

The press release claims that there are fourteen singles on 'Fourteen Blazing Bangers' and after even one listen it's hard not to agree. These blazing bangers are chilli dogs. 'Do the Wurst' opens and from then on in it's a collection of toe tapping bloody genius. I defy anyone not to want to have a dance or to jump around to this. 

It's all here. There are elements of Bo Diddley or Screaming J Hawkins or James Brown fronting the Dead Kennedys or the Cramps. 

'Yes Baby' and 'Chicken Back' are stompingly brilliant. 'Watcha Gonna Do Tomorrow' is as old school rock 'n' roll as they come. As a bonus they've even thrown in a bonus banger with 'Sock It to Me Santa'. 

If you like it hot, pick this up. You won't regret it.

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