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Uber Rock: King Salami and the Cumberland Three "Cookin' Up A Party"

How can you not like what King Salami do? Come on, be fair, on this album they throw about everything including the kitchen sink into this crazy paced rhythm & blues rock and rollin' jamboree. Sure, it's retro and been done about a bazillion times but this is London and the year is 2013 so what better time to get your funk on and party like it's nineteen fifty five?
'Prissy Missy' is a blast. Heads down rollocking fun. From the Ramones-style call to arms drumming and then the clanging jail guitars, we're off. Handclaps, howling vocals, crazy beats, honking horns - how could Prissy Missy walk on by?
Salami keeps it real and whilst it might be a million miles from being original it certainly is well played and authentic as they Mamba their way through 'Howlin' For My Woman' or just get their Ska on for 'She's A Kukamunga'. It gets crazy by the time we reach 'Just My Kind' and those psychedelic shapes are swirling round my head at 320 bpm.
The theme of this record is in the title and no party would be complete without some King Salami and their hotch potch jitter buggin' back catalogue of crazyness: from the opening track to the album closer this record screams - good time, baby!
I can't believe for one minute there would be a still body in the house if  'Watch Your Mouth' came blurting out over the PA with its punky attitude and the sound of a funky drummer beating seven shades out of his kit whilst the horns honk and the singer wails. Even the instrumental 'Big Chief' gets a fair airing in my house.
The retro sound of pure Rock 'n' Roll reeking from every pore, King Salami keeps it old school but can carry a tune whether it be Rock 'n' Soul, Dirty Blues, crazy funk or just good time Rock 'n' Roll. King Salami & The Cumberland 3 have got the chops!

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