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Louder Than War: King Salami and the Cumberland Three "Cookin' Up A Party"

Take the finest Caribbean spice, French flavour, Japanese cool, and Welsh wit. Grind it down and run it through a North London sausage factory and what d’you get? The second record from King Salami & The Cumberland 3, one of the cream of the current worldwide garage crop. Taking up right where their debut album left off, Cookin’ Up A Party serves up a healthy, slavering slab of rhythm ‘n’ blues punk as the King rattles through his voodoo-cockney rhymes.

Stand out track, Just My Kind, sees the band going into a classic jive for modern ears and encapsulates the pure showmanship of the King, as he breaks his band down mid song before flipping them over and throwing them on the hot coals to fire up again. Elsewhere they throw in beating Trojan ska rhythms (She’s A Kukamunga), fifties’ teen dancehall twists (The Dilly Bop), and voodoo hoedowns (Betti Moretti) . Since their last outing, The King and his Cumberlands have picked up a Mexican sax-man to add to their mongrel mix of classic stomping rock n roll soul. His presence has become indelible. Jutting out and propping up the frantic, tightly-wound rhythms throughout, it’s when he’s really given the chance to let rip, as on other stand out – Howlin’ For My Woman, that you know the band have really taken it up a notch on this new album.

Almost every one of these fourteen tunes feel like they could be a single, although only last year’s Trubble Trubble has had that privilege. If ever there was ever a record to kick off a party riot or keep one burning in the dwindling hours, this is it. If it doesn’t shake you to your bones, you seriously ain’t got no soul.

It’s 35 minutes of pure garage gold. No horse meat in sight!

Words: Nathan Whittle

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