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Shindig!: The Routes: "Alligator"

High up in the mountains of Oita prefecture on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu lives an Anglo-Nipponese garage three piece that demands to be heard.  They're that good.  As luck would have it, the Routes have found their way down the mountain, circumnavigated Tokyo's burgeoning scene and are are touring Europe in support of their full-length Dirty Water debut "Alligator".

Building upon the melodic rhythm'n'blues rawk of 2007's "Left My Mind", front man Chris Jack and new band members bassist Kakizie Bancho and drummer Shinichi Nakayama, galvanise The Routes' sound with soulful stompers like "Be My Jane" and "I Never Learn" that bring to mind label mates King Salami, and an excellent garage-psyche workout "Now I Don't Know You", which lends exciting variation to the usual three-chord ear assault of many contemporary garage bands.  Add consummate guitar, organ and drum interplay and you're on to a winner.

Alan Brown

Dirty Water Records London