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hangout.altsounds.com: Thee Vicars "Psychotic Beat"

Garage punk upstarts Thee Vicars release their album ”Psychotic Beat” on cult label Dirty Water Records this Autumn and what a brilliant and inspired album it is. Full of snarling vocals, stuttering bass and tight drum beats, it’s this century’s answer to The Mummies ”Never Been Caught”.

Thee Vicars are Mike Whittaker (Bass, Lead Vox), Chris Langeland ( Guitar, Backing Vox) , Marcus Volkert (Guitar, Backing Vox) and Will Pattenden (Drums) from the sleepy town of Bury St. Edmunds. Born at a local band night and sick of everyone sounding the same with no money, manager or label they thought “F**k it, let’s do it ourselves”. It didn’t take long for the industry to come calling and with the permission from their parents (at this time the majority of the band were under 18) armed with a stack of vinyl, Raybans and revision books the band were set to tour.

And tour they did, all over the country building up a cult following wherever they went. Soon the offers came flooding for spots in Europe. A game of bowling with The Black Lips secured a tour support of Scandinavia. Word of the wunderkinds spread like wild fire and led to a slot at the converted Radio 1’s Big Weekend as well as being personally invited to play with The Horrors….and their first “world tour” (as the boys call it (US & Canada)) starts 13 October. Other fans include Huw Stephens and Tom Robinson.

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