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Uber Rock: The Routes "Alligator"

From the opening drum roll I get the feeling that Dirty Water Records have released another fuzz-filled retro trip with this full album from The Routes. This is vintage retro garage rock that had Ealing swinging its pants in the 60s and had Carnaby Street hipsters shaking their shit in clubs.

'Be My Jane' (with monkey noises in the background) is a raucous jittering skank that'll have the listener twitching their legs without even knowing. The sound is reverb-laden and sounds like it simply fell out of the 60s in some great undiscovered capsule right into the 21st century.

Hailing from the land of the rising sun The Routes have captured the sound and song writing style to pull this shit off and maybe reach an audience that would otherwise ignore the lure of delving back in time and discovering music from our past. The production is spot on here and the drumming sounds like the ghost of Keith Moon has transcended time and space and stepped right into the biscuit tins of 'Love Like Mine'. No song ventures far past the 3 minute mark so no time to get prog on us or too psychedelic. The Kinks and even Jagger and co had moments like this back in the day and all power to The Routes for giving it a kick up the arse and sticking to their guns on a most enjoyable trip whilst playing this album. The only down side is I could have done without the frantic instrumental workout of 'Sinchan's Number', as spot on as the playing is or the top drum rolling - give it some lyrics, for gawd's sake.

A winkle picker's trip down a flamboyant road where all Routes lead us to 'Alligator', a fine collection of authentic garage-fied noise.

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