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One Chord Progression interview with Muck and the Mires

Boston's Muck and the Mires: the bastard child of the '64 Beatles and the Ramones. Once you hear their tunes they will be stuck in your head for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Who are you wearing?

The next big thing.

Which came first, the muck or the mire?

It’s hard to say…it’s a chicken or egg thing.

How dirty is Dirty Water Records?

They are so dirty, they don’t have parental warning stickers…they have grandparental warning stickers.

Best Kim Fowley story?

Ask me next month. We are recording with him again in three weeks so I am hoping to top the last bunch. [Ed. note: Evan, we’re holding you to this one.]

Most sexist comment Jessie Best has heard about chick drummers?

“I’d love to bang her drum.”

Best way to kill boredom during long van rides?

Drive on the wrong side of the highway.

Worst rock n roll city?

I want to say Brooklyn, NY so we’ll have a packed house at our upcoming show…they’ll be lining up to kill us! But I’ll say Boston instead. We’re playing there on 3/30 and I like a rowdy crowd.

Does hypnotism work?

It sure does. I command you to ask me what the best Boston band of all time is.

Besides Muck and the Mires, best Boston band of all time?

The Voodoo Dolls.

How much muck can a cellar hold?

Find out April 13 at Union Hall. We’ll have a Guinness book rep with us.

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