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Mudkiss Fanzine: The Routes "Alligator"

Dirtywater Records continue to release some fabulous, gutsy albums. No overproduction here, earthy, gritty........ REAL music is the principle behind the label. They uncover another great find in The Routes, who time travel to a vibrant 60’s British R ‘n’ B scene utilising a completely authentic sound.  “Alligator” could literally have been recorded live in The Marquee Club in London, surrounded by the scene kids of the day. 

Possibly the most startling aspect is the fact The Routes aren’t British or even American, instead a Japanese three piece playing R ‘n’ B (in the true sense of the term) as though born to the genre.  Raspy vocals, walking bass, fantastic drumming and guitar solos of which a young Page, Beck or Clapton would be proud. Don’t believe me? Check “Be My Jane” (inclusive classic 60’s lyrical theme and Johnny Weismuller on backing vocals) or even better, instrumental “Sinchans Number,” absolutely searing axe work. Japan is producing some absolutely incredible bands at the moment, add The Routes to an ever expanding list. www.theroutesjapan.com.

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