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Losing Today: The Routes "Do What's Right By You"

Oh yes - more dirty jive jagged retro rock a boogie from those devil dealing dudes over at Dirty Water HQ, man i would happily sell my soul to get on their mailing list, this time of asking they’ve strayed their shade adorned sights to the turned on sound of the Routes - an anglo - Japanese trio we believe who’ve already set by all accounts tongues a-wagging furiously among vintage vibed 60’s beat grooved aficionados courtesy of a debut full length entitled ‘left my mind’ being picked up by (previously unknown to us) Irish imprint Motor Sounds. Be fair warned this 7 inch twin set is the dogs danders, ’do what’s right by you’ is so primitive in sound we wouldn’t be surprised to find it strutting up the street with its knuckles dragging along the pavement, indelibly marked with a seriously gritty early Troggs vibe though that’ll be the Troggs being sonically choreographed by a moonlighting Brian ‘Stones’ Jones while sneakily taking tips from the Standells and the Wailers and hammering out in a damp stained airless basement some damn fine riff strides speared through with the added attraction of swamp grilled bubblegum seasonings revealing an audaciously enviable ear for the crafting of bad to the bone blues boogie. Flip over for what is in our opinion the best cut here - ‘love like glue’ is a rapid fire slice wig flipped and fried freak pop, hippy dippy grizzled teen totalling garage goo - think shit faced youthful Beefheart spiked by an equally tender in years Love with side servings of the Nomads - damn I could kiss the blighter. More more more. Oh yea and its this missives crucial phonographic fix.

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