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Get Bent!: The Routes "Alligator"

So ya like “Dirty Water”. You like badass 60’s garage fuzz classics like “Blackout of Gretely”. You like that Headcoats stomp, those Childish power chords, crude Mummies records, and all that glorious shit. Guess whose record is gonna be right up your alley? The Routes are raising their hands, shocking some life into that garage rock sound we know and love, and imploring us to leave any pretensions and unnecessary gimmicks at the door. Obey the Routes. You know you want to.

This Japanese trio make no bones about aping the great rock ‘n’ roll and fuzz monsters on any Garage Beat ‘66 comp in eleven stompers. Recalling that primitive caveman nature that was so joyously embedded in garage rock’s soul from Day One, “Be My Jane" (whose caveman aesthetic hearkens back to the Avengers’ misogynistic Pebbles thrashing, “Be a Caveman”) brings out those rough, enthusiastic riffs with a little hoot ‘n’ hollerin’ rhythm and booze. The track exemplifies the cover artwork. Keyboards (check out that title track), snotty vocals, an excellent guitarist, and nonstop energy are what Alligator is all about.

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