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This sharp-suited beat quartet from Copenhagen have been wowing audiences at home and in various parts of Europe recently with their scintillating, raucous performances of punked R&B.  Having been fortunate enough to see them in action in London clubs on several occasions, this writer can attest to the fact that this, their debut 13-track album, brilliantly captures the thrilling adrenaline rush of their live shows.


Clocking in at 34 minutes, from the Pearl & Dean theme tune on amphetamine opener “Come On” to the gritty, Merseybeat vibe of “Baby, I Am Back”, these songs are some of the most brilliantly executed examples of garage beat from a young contemporary band that you’re ever likely to hear.  Indeed, it’s a testament to this fabulous band’s vitality and chops that they manage to pull off the rare coup of sticking so closely to the template while still sounding relevant and fresh.

Jason Hobart

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