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Shindig! Magazine: The Arrogants "Introducing..."

Lille teenagers discover mod, R&B, and garage and decide they should make some themselves.  A road less travelled these days, so it’s refreshing to hear it done at all, let alone so greatly.  This quartet don’t take themselves too seriously (at least with that name and those shades you’d hope they don’t), and the juvenile abandonment sparkles loud and clear from the speakers. Though the production isn’t doing them any favours (vocals echo weirdly, organ is way too loud) they manage to overcome that and mine the motherlode with alacrity.

 Your four tracks are:  the twitching garage jerk brilliance of “Mr. Devil”, the moody pop a go-go of We’re Arrogant”, the solid Birds-aping, blues-wailin’ “Drunky Blues”, and finally, the new wave crunch of “It’s An experience”.  The future appears theirs.

Phil Istine

Dirty Water Records London