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Musica Inclasificable: Hipbone Slim vs. Sir Bald

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Thanks to the English label Dirty Water Records to send one to me of his more recent launchings to review.  One is a double CD with the demolishing amount of 40 songs of pure and absolute rock & roll! The one in charge to carry out all the subjects is Sir Bald Diddley with his different musical projects.

The British musician, took influence from the guitarists who defined the history of the rock & roll, I talk about to people as Chuck Berry, Wray Link and obvious Bo Diddley. After assimilating the sound of each of them, he put a pinch of his party and since then, he has dedicated himself to spread his music by everybody and by means of diverse groupings. Everything workaholic.
The first disc contains 20 subjects of Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers that never had appeared in CD. To listen to it is to go direct of return to the Fifties, when the rock & roll were a novel thing and as soon as it began to gain followers. Next to Sir Bald, the trio is conformed by Brushes “Bash” Brand (whose immense curriculum includes bands as The Milkshakes, The Headcoats, The Masonics and Link Wray) in the battery and Gastus Receedus (Big Wigs, Arousers, Playboys) in low and the harmonic one.

Whereas the second disc now contains other 20 songs but of Louie And The Louies, The Kneejerk Reactions and The Legs. All are musical projects of Sir Bald and each in particular has a sound that moves away it of the others, until seems impossible that in all this untiring English guitarist participates.

Louie And The Louies is a band of frat rock/surf; whereas The Kneejerk Reactions is more inclined to the rock & roll; finally they are The Legs that is a MONSTROUS trio complemented by Mr. Pibli and Jorge Explosion, both members of Doctor Explosion. What they give to us they are small loaded pumps of punk and garage.

All the subjects presented in this small anthology dedicated to Sir Bald Diddley were recorded to the old school, that is to say, in analogical studies, or in Asturian the Perrotti Circus or Toe Rag Studios of London.

In the end, all the subjects do justice to him to the talent of each of their creators. I do not doubt nor a moment in recommending it to all and immediately to place it as one of my favorite discs of the past year.

If you like primitive and simple rock & roll, here there is a jewel that cannot be let escape.

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