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Shindig!: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy"

London’s international poultry-loving conglomerate run a nice line in garage frat sax-aided rock’n’roll. This music works brilliantly live, but can miss, as often as hit, on record. I can report that this album could accurately have been entitled Solid Gold. Recorded almost live, it distils all that’s great about the dirty charm of leader Colonel Spencer and his cohorts love for ‘62-’64, when The Kingsmen and Trashmen reshaped rhythm’n’rock and took it kicking and screaming into the new decade. ‘Pochahontas’ is dancefloor dynamite, ‘DJ Booth’ berates drunken idiots (I can relate) in a twisting fashion, and the Cramps-style fuzzin’ booty call ‘White Leather Boots’ is the real deal. If you like it even more in your face and retro than most then get a spoon and tuck into this tophole update of In Person At PJs.

Phil Istine

Dirty Water Records London