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vibratorbuzz: Johnny Throttle "Johnny Throttle"

After I´ve already celebrated THE GAGGERS to the max comes another british Punkrock-Splinterbomb raining down on the mainland slashing and burning the lower limbs of all these smoochy bands who abused the title Punkrock for their shitty music in the past years. 
This is the long awaited debut (and if you didn´t wait for it, you know shit) of JOHNNY THROTTLE.

From the dirty gutters of London comes crawling out pure 1977 Schizophrenia Punkrock that has imbibed the Cheetah Chrome GUITAR LESSON from it´s infancy being fed by a mother who did the bar job in the good ol` Roxy Club and therefore also knew how to serve a serious slap in the face.

But not only this, if you ever wanted to know who stole Iggy Pop´s legendary skinny ass pose jeans then you definitely have to ask these guys.

Rightly if you think of the manic Fuck You show from hell that lead singer Johnny Quid proofs on record as well as on stage while his bandmates are burning down the monitor boxes in back of him.

If Johnny Rotten would know about the existence of these blokes he would have stayed in the jungle camp and be ashamed of himself together with some LONELY apes because these London boys definitely don´t need an escort to take a piss. 
Never Mind The Bollocks, Here´s Johnny Throttle !


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