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Sonic Wave Magazine: Los Chicos "In The Age Of Stupidity"

After recent vinyl indispensable and yet, "We sound acoustic but we look like shit. Live in Radio 3 "(Dirty Water Recrods / FOLC Records), now bring us fifth largest disk (not more, who are still children). "In the Age of Stupidty" (Dirty Water Records) shows them stupid and oblivious as ever. Repeat Mike Mariconda (Raunch Hands, The Devil Dogs) in controls with the sole intention of recreating the raw sound of the direct normal. In less than half an hour a dozen varied picnicking and fun topics that start with the contagious and ideal home "Hear It Again" which sounds like a shot. Beastie Boys still madly in the history of "War Or Party" after passing through the soul to The Bellrays of "You Sold Me". They are like children in "Age of Stupidity", country-punk that improves the Supersuckers. Leading plethoric face B (of course there are beautiful vinyl version) with "A Miracle Working" and scorch with their guitars in "Colored Caves". They give the pure rock'n'roll Ramones in "Sportsman's Paradise" and blow themselves to bonzo in folk fighting to Woody Guthrie "Fire In Our Soul". Eventually mock up of John Lee Hooker and George Thorogood & The Destroyers in "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, One Wine" (again kalimotxero ingredient). For all other accompanying them stupid or Javi Guille Fumestones Government. And other more hardened even as they Josele Santiago enemies or Hendrik Rover The DelTonos. If flashy to another moron like Beck, he considers his favorite Spanish band! And as these young children will not have head and embark on another world tour. You can get the vinyl or read in concerts and other www.folcrecords.com and www.dirtywaterrecords.co.uk But do not get infected by their congenital stupidity and unconsciousness.

Gerardo, we knew full well that I like all the best clubs of rock'n'roll and you do not mess with anything interesting, but in this "In the age of stupidity" (Dirty Water Records) the color palette is more wider than ever. R'n'R, punk, country, folk, rhythm & blues, soul ... The album also takes the prestigious label Dirty Water worldwide except in Australia and New Zealand it takes another prestigious brand as Off The Hip. Are you comfortable you will have become, no?

"Too gustito, yes (laughs). But I think we touched on earlier and almost all the clubs that are in this, but now we do a little better."

We know that you live in constant stupidity. Is that why, where does another good and attractive title for another stupidly bright your disk?

"I had complicated after, of course, stupid title of the fourth album, so it took us decide, but I think we're back to get another title shocking. With him we wanted to show the main idea with which we approach the disc, which is of anger and bad ostia by the current situation, this filthy capitalist society, but with some banter, which is how we prefer to live. With more humor, would dawn."

Yes that was also pretty stupid not to take it out to the last month of the year. Many of us have been left with the desire to vote for him among the best of the year for not having been heard in time.

"We recorded it in August, but several issues (design, factory, ...) has been delayed and the end is stuck in no man's land in terms of year of publication. At the end of the factory problems, will go on sale in 2013, but has since been heard in our bandcamp. Still have appeared on several lists, and looking forward, the truth, that with few tracks, and there have been people who have considered other discs that already had more than assimilated."

I have re-recorded the old way. In analog, raw, with Mike Mariconda, and Santander. Are you satisfied with the results again?

"Actually digital recording was in Sonic studies Ramon Moreira, in Madrid, but as above, Mike took it to make mixes analog study, in this case the Mac Study in Santander. Are you satisfied? Much to Mike mixtures repeat until we were 100% happy, and as always did a brutal job. To see what we do for the next album without him, now that he has returned to USA."

Collaborators posh two veterans flipantes as Josele Santiago (the enemies) and Hendrik Rover (The DelTonos). Where we can listen to the album and basically have made them and the other guests?

"Josele left a trial of enemies to get to come to a guitar in "Motel Ford", we left we were blown away to there. He came and said "put it and I'm playing", made 5 or 6 shots and it cost us choose the best. Hendrik, on the other hand, in a ratillo sent us a beautiful steel for "Age of Stupidity". The other guests were friends who were boys at various times has been to replace Manu on bass. Javi Fumestone recorded a keyboard "You Sold Me", and Guille Government choirs. Both were impressive."

The average time of the 12 songs vinyl and no waste, but I have been very pleasantly surprised the country-punk of "Age Of Stupidity" touch soul of "You Sold Me" or aggressive folk "Fire In Our Soul" . Do not have your stupidity barriers nor your musical curiosity?

"Mola because everyone who hears it has their favorites and are often different from those who choose other person. Our stupidity is boundless and we risk all that we like."

Going above and closing with "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, One Wine" do mock up of John Lee Hooker and George Thorogood. Behold your beloved kalimotxo add a good bourbon or scotch ...!

(Laughs) "It's not mockery, is homage. Well, the Pogues, having both alcohol and song title are also to blame."

I guess that you are the favorite band of Martian Beck will be another of your marcianadas. If you looked up lately and modosito good boy ...

"Beck's shadow follows us for about 10 years!"

As was mandatory and like the recent super fun "ACOUSTIC SOUND BUT WE WE LOOK LIKE SHIT / LIVE AT RADIO 3" (Dirty Water Records / FOLC Records) I have also handsome vinyl. How can you get and also how we can tell you of your upcoming majaradas?

"In our records will always vinyl, because it's like the music we hear. The only thing that has not already been the compilation that came out in Australia, but to see if you can correct that mistake soon. On our Facebook and our blog (http://loschicosrocks.blogspot.com.es/) try to keep abreast of everything related to the group to our fans, and our Bancamp besides hearing discs can be purchased ( http://loschicos.bandcamp.com/)"

And speaking of majaradas. I think you embark on another such ruinous tours where your precious body and your pockets are bored for scrapping. When are you going to settle down the fuck up? Do not have mothers or women next they tell you you're like cops?

"Settle down? Never! Touring is the best thing that can happen, will continue to do so forever. Our mothers had long since lost the battle to make us see reason, and our girlfriends, when they can, they come travel with us to lose money and health, so little good example will give us (laughs)"

When deleitaris us with any EP or album with some of your spectacular versions majaras stupid as you?

"I've sometimes thought, and some have already recorded. As can divertimento molar. Also, it requires testing, which makes things easier."

Nice time at the Festival WOP and I can not ask you what you thought of the great concert of the Dream Syndicate. Do you expect to get to that age so well assimilated that stupid?

"We are big fans of everything that Steve Wynn and never makes us lose it when it comes, and we finally see him with what he did as a young man, and, as expected, was an outrage. The twins traveled to see him, first to Madrid and then to Bilbao, because we knew it would be something historic, and more, coming Jason Victor on guitar."

Now pass us your three national and international albums of the year. How at this time is in!

"I guess those are not worth FOLC Records, that if we have to Javier Escovedo, and Woolf Midnigh and international Hipbone Slim and Peralta, Phantom Keys and Oscar Avendaño and domestic. Leaving our label:

International: Neil Young, Dr John and Blasters

National: Samesugas, the Angel Deltonos and Kaplan."

Will there be stupid and awkward age for young children for a long time? I say that because I was eager to see not surrendering a piece of disc like this.

"Yes, sorry, but you must follow aguantndonos long. The desire to grow, so, despite our age, there will be kids for long."

Author: Txema

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