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Pure Rawk: Johnny Throttle "Johnny Throttle"

Another one of those bands lurking in the dark alleyways of London’s toilet circuit, Johhny Throttle are best described as an illusive spectacle – sporadically spotted, but when they do turn up unexpectedly on an inappropriate support bill, they make themselves known.

Their feral stage show sees them blast through 20 minutes of Ramones / Thunders / Dead Boys garage punk at something beyond the speed of sound, with ex-Parkinsons frontman Alfonso stripping down and getting his gangly frame tied up in his mic cord in a way that Iggy would recognise all too well, but with spastic energy enough still to come across as not entirely contrived.

This, their debut LP, is the snotty blast of full speed pinhead rock n roll that you would expect from a shower of upstarts such as Johnny Throttle. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but it’s a full frontal assault of amphetamine-heavy classic punk tunes that require little thought, and primed with enough melodic charge to get you jumping on the slowest of slow days.

Featuring ex members of Menace, The Shakin’ Nasties and The Jackoffs, Johnny Throttle are a band that you’d entirely expect to know their way around a barroom frenzy and a furiously exploded punk sound, and they don’t disappoint on either front.

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