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Uberrock: Thee Vicars "I Wanna Be Your Vicar"

Put on your high heel Cubans, get out the zoot suit, get yourself something for the weekend and a shaggy mop top and slam this record on your deaf decks and shake your booty like there's no tomorrow.

With a sound borrowed from a zillion bands hailing from the distant swinging '60s Thee Vicars get their collective groove on like the Cavern Club and the Marquee were still open and hip places to swing yer pants; if they were then you can bet your tub of Brylcreem that Thee Vicars would be in the thick of things getting all messy as fuck. Sounding like the Stones did when they first got their groove on, with a touch of organ and some US of A styling on the vocals, Thee Vicars are blessed with an abundance of toe tappers like the rolling 'Lights' sounding as if Stiv were a young buck auditioning for a spot in a band with Brian Jones and the Davies brothers.

The album barely registers a pulse past '68 and why should it? If you've ever delved into someone like Johnny Thunders' catalogue of gems you'd have come across his covers album 'Copy Cats' and if you dug his bag then 'I Feel Alright' is something that'll have you nodding yer approval. This album is dripping with authenticity and this Bury St Edmunds three piece have absolutely nailed it as far as the style of the songs go and, in fairness, there are bits you've heard a zillion times before but who gives a hoot? Like the walking lead line on 'Crocodile Chomp' is a well worn run but it's got one hell of a mojo going on.

If you want some (un)-original retro rock 'n' roll then look no further than Thee Vicars because these reverend cats have got it down - let them anoint you with their jiggedy rock because they know they have the chops and strut around this twelve track long player like peacock and they know they have it going on. Wayyyy cooool dudes, it's definitely an amen from me.

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