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Schwindy's indie music spotlight: MFC Chicken "Music For Chicken"

MFC Chicken's self-titled album should come with the following warning: ""These songs are ridiculously catchy. Listen to it only around people who don't mind if you dance and sing along."" How catchy is this album? Any time I listen to it, I have to listen to the whole thing at least twice.

The catchiness starts with the first track ""Chicken, Baby, Chicken."" This is a song that emulates the best in garage rock (screaming ""Chicken, Baby, Chicken"" so it is barely intelligible) and the roots of rock and roll (""You do the chicken or you can't come in,"" obviously a tip of the cap to Little Richard).

While this album is filled with songs that get the head and your feet moving, there are two songs I cannot hear enough. ""Love is Gonna F--- You Up"" is the kind of song you want to put on repeat whether you agree with the sentiment or not. The other one is the hilarious ""Royal We."" This song is about a woman who begins to refer to herself as the royal we after she buys a Queen-size bed. Don't be surprised if a) you play those two songs a lot and b) you find yourself singing along.

My recommendation for this is real simple. If you like greasy 60s-style rock and roll, complete with some wicked honking saxophone (the sax in ""Wild Safari"" is awesome) much like The Sonics, you will love this band. This is the kind of thing that Mojo Nixon means when he says you can't kill rock and roll. Long live rock and roll and MFC Chicken. The album is available now from Dirty Water Records.

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