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Fungal Punk: Thee Vicars "Every Day"

Hailing from Bury St Edmunds these maestros of the turbine tones make a clatter to rattle yer knackers to and judder your primitive instincts with. Imagine a fully oiled musical machine made bare, injected with a sublime life-force built on horror and degradation and then ordered to make music in the deepest, unholy cavern where only the most curious doth tread. The result is intriguing, difficult to handle and without label. Suited and booted, preparing to shake up the sonic stratosphere and full of belief the band could conquer the crowds far and wide provided minds are kept open and the vibes are fully indulged in. It is a vicious set of circles out there and lets' hope Thee Vicars can smash a few and rouse many a nodding head with their brand of beat bop throb.

'Everyday' is cursed and a scooped out jaunt into stark sonic landscapes where many fear to tread. I say fuck it and if there is clamour to be had then let's fuckin' have it. What we get battered with here is a groovy stomp of the most stripped down kind with a somewhat insect like jittery sensation ruling the rhythmic roost. The pulse is jerky, the beat addictive, the vocal tones sluttoid and yet so matter of fact. In between the sneaky serenades the song collapses into nothing less than fuzzy filth and so a contrast of chaotic styles is made. Is the listener deterred - well in brutal truth you should be and many may well be but something gets entangled within the appreciative grey matter and I personally find myself respectful of what is an unconventional number aching with nebulous qualities one needs to taste over and over - very strange!

'Don't Wanna Be Free' is another somewhat incongruous track that will only find a place to settle in the aural abodes of the most serious sonic specialist - or so it seems. There are hidden depths here via an assembly of carefully positioned acoustics that delve into the depths of certain musical making decades and propels forward into the modern day where all is stripped down, re-addressed and put forth as nothing specific. The skiffle, scuffle shuffle and stark openness are rewarding - one many of the punks will puke at - silly bastards.

Odd - you bet, unorthodox - of course, appealing - in some bizarre way yes. A fuckin' outside the circle offering if ever I heard it with the excitement being of wondering what Thee Vicars will vomit forth next. This is a real appetiser so once more chase it down, turn it up real big now and, absorb.

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