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Dig It! Magazine: Thee Vicars "I Wanna Be Your Vicar"

The Vicars have evolved since their first 45 in 2008 with their then overall philosophy of Budget Rock. Their style has also changed due to the original line up of singer and bassist Mike Whittaker being completely changed; the group now plays as a trio.

Constantly on the road for five years, they obviously crossed paths with a lot of gangs of rock'n'rollers out for a good long-term tour, like them, have sympathized with many, toured with the other (Black Lips), got severely drunk with others (King Khan and his cronies) and provided highlights of the first parts (Billy Childish, the Mummies), then necessarily the influence of groins (Vicars are the young 22-year average) is felt at one time or another.

So, this album, their fourth (three on Dirty Water Records and the first, ultra-primitive garage punk which passed under the radar, "Let Us Play", on Eh Steeeeve Records in 2008) sees the band  enrich their usual 60s garage beat usual incursions into the new territories: hilbilly country blues ("Rooftop Blues"), garage folk ("Lights" sounds like Dylan facetiously updated by the Black Lips) or 50s rock'n'roll dance tunes ("I Wanna Be Your Vicar", "Alligator Chomp").

The group also clearly benefited from expert advice for the production. A development that may disconcert fans of the Vicars explosive punk side, but there's no need for concern regarding the strict garage purist; the shadow of Billy Childish ("Satisfy You") or early Makers ("Hauser and I 'Briean ") are still strong.

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