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Fungal Punk: The Thanes "Dishin' The Dirt" b/w "I Don't Want You"

So, the garage punk legends have a release on the equally legendary Dirty Water Records - what a combo to savour. First formed in 1980 the band went under the name of The Green Telescope until making the change to The Thanes in 1987 the reason being they wanted a title with a less psychedelic vibe and something that more accurately fit in with our sixties American teen-punk garage infatuation. Fair enough methinks. So here we have 2 taster tracks to get the jowls salivating once more and here is a Fungalised overview of what we actually get.

'Dishin' The Dirt' is a key driven gem with a super twinging leitmotiv running along in the background whilst strings bassily groove it up and the drums military thump along with a 60's tinned splash. The oral offerings is screwed up, loose jawed sleaze with a small sprinkling of vicious intent and 'up yours' attitude. As the song progresses we get hypnotised by the swirling cacophonic colours and with each loop the intensity of the contrast is increased. A fascinating beauty awash with the 60's feel we have in-built into our chronological sonic souls.

'I Don't Want You' is crisply delivered with heavily taut strings that glassily shimmer before sub-chugging behind the attentive bass, slightly rusted gob work and steady sticks. The inner break is acidic, burning with inner fire, used as a chance to fracture the regularity. We progress down the back stretch, repeat beat, all is over too soon, all areas are in tact though, all targets hit - we shall not be found bitching.

A classic cut, both A and B sides working together and contributing to a steady release. Like every single it does its job, it entertains and provokes interest into what a full length release will bring - nice, check out The Thanes brothers and sisters.

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