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Billybop: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

With a vibrant mix of surf, burlesque and blues influences, Yvan Serrano brings us his first real Dustaphonics album Party Girl. Serrano is the winner of the most influential French Londoner award of 2011 and with his background as DJ, music producer, Event promoter and singer/songwriter this band leader surely deserves this title.

The album kicks off with Take it from Diddley, and reaches the first eargasm on wrecking my life. A true blues/moaning track that brings the best out of this musician. On The Jinx, the Dustaphonics goes sixties wiht some freakbeat/psych kind of track. However styles are quickly changed back to the fifties with Catwoman. A tune that is reminiscent to The Stray Cats at moments. Tura Faster Pussycat goes back into the world of surfmusic and is clearly a reference to film star Tura Satana from Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (Russ Meyer). As a matter of fact, the billybop readers who always come back to this section will certainly remember another Dustaphonics album I reviewed earlier. Although Party Girl for Real, is the first album by this band, they pieced together a soundtrack for a Tura Satana movie last year. Unfortunately Tura passed away and the project was shelved. The title track, Party Girl again seeks out the freakbeat sound of the sixties. On Dearest Darling you can hear the well-known Tequila chord progression! With Burlesque Queen, Mr. Serrano shows us that The Rumble is still hot, only to close down the album with Eat My Dust a Phonic, a piece of meat that only could be eaten by the dynamic duo.

Party Girl for real is a great and energetic album that most of us will dig for real!  And not only for the reminiscent tunes and sounds.

Mr. Blue Boogie

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