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Mudkiss: Thee Vicars "You Lie" b/w "Don't Wanna Be Free"

Compared to The Seeds, similarities can be heard in bass and drums but Thee Vicars don’t have their psychedelic, Monkees style irony, despite being garbed as Wild West undertakers. What they do have is raw enthusiasm, Jam crossed with punk, heavy metal, rock, touch of hillbilly, Ska/Mod with wardrobe malfunction, mud splattered sharp creases, at times uncoordinated kitchen sink chaos, but great fun. ‘Don't Wanna Be Free’ working round familiar themes and riffs, simpler and cleaner of the two songs, features fetchingly louche, deep , vibrating bass while ‘Every Day’ skydives into wailing, driving punk and hard rock guitar solo before rambling off into jumble of solos. Both feature disconcertingly youthful strained, stressed, half spoken vocal which teeters on tightrope of tunefulness but manages to hang on.

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